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Workshop and Maintenance

At Seder Village, we have the most efficient technicians to help you at your hour of need. Our maintenance program is designed to provide ease to our residents. With a team of more than 50 plumbers, electricians, mechanics and gardeners available throughout the week all well trained working under the best supervision of qualified high standard engineers working 24/7 for emergency cases. Seder village warehouse stores all spare parts and materials to ensure fast and maximum satisfaction. To ensure our residents comfort, we established a car maintenance workshop with well-trained mechanics inside the compound all the time.

Water supply

Residents of "The Village" enjoy uninterrupted water supply daily without any trouble. We use two sources to accomplish that: Our first source is 160 m deep well that is present in our compound and the other is city water. These two sources are enough to keep the supply constant. Inter-switching between these two supplies don't cause any water problem. When one source is down, the other takes its place to keep supply stable. Our water booster with 2.5 – 3 bar pressure is enough to maintain the water pressure for each house.

Water Reserve for Fire Hydrants

Security and safety of every house is the priority. The fire fighting system is made in a way that fire hydrants have water reserved. We have provided one fire hydrant for every three villas to give instant water supply in case of any misfortune.

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